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Firm answers to your questions about Rheinschrift, our services, and your order.

Why should I choose Rheinschrift to handle my translation?

Our large internal translator team ensures we can provide consistent quality. We assemble an experienced and versatile team to find the right solution to satisfy your individual requirements. We are committed to consistency, adherence to deadlines, flexibility, expertise, and the application of state-of-the-art technology. We always have our finger on the pulse of your industry.

How long does it typically take to get a quote?

We appreciate time is money for you. We prepare quotes as quickly as possible – you should receive quotes for standard services on the same day. When the services of external service providers are necessary, your quote might take an extra day or two. From quote to final product, count on us to keep you updated about the status of your order at all times.

Who will be my contact person when the project is underway?

Your primary contact will be the project manager in charge of your project. They will always be available for you. Supporting them is our experienced IT and DTP team, as well as internal and external translator crews with more than 20 years of experience in the localization industry.

What is your response time?

A flexible team makes fast response times possible – just let us know what you need and when. Short turnaround times are an everyday fact of our business. If you need it, we offer service 24/7.

Why is there no online price calculator?

The requirements of our customers are always our top priority. We examine each project on an individual basis, taking into account its specific circumstances. Our flexibility allows us to customize our services to meet your special needs. Instead of an online price calculator, we offer standard terms and conditions for recurring and standardized orders and procedures.

Which file formats & tools can you accept?

Here, too, flexibility is our trademark. We can process all common data formats and employ all standard CAT tools. Our tool of choice is MemoQ – we use it when no specialized tool is specified – but we are entirely guided by the needs and wishes of our customers.

Do you also offer machine translation and post-editing?

Yes. We support machine translation and post-editing processes. We evaluate the machine translation output, edit machine-translated texts and support our customers during the entire MT localization process.

Do you also offer DTP post-processing?

Yes. We offer a full DTP service all the way through to the finished document in the respective target language. It is important to note that for layout-based texts, text lengths in the target language are often different than in the source text. Our DTP processing service takes account of this after the translation step.

Which files require DTP prior to translation and why?

If you want a translation of files or documents that cannot be edited in their original format, for example scanned PDFs or other scanned documents, or the files have a specific layout that needs to be replicated in the target language files, we generally prepare the documents prior to translation using DTP formats. This allows the translation to be carried out in the necessary tools and ensures that you receive a consistent translation in the right layout.

Do you also offer testing?

Your websites, web applications, and user interfaces will be evaluated thoroughly by our testers. After software and mobile apps have been translated, we test them in the target language on a variety of output devices. Our testers go through your applications step-by-step to verify their linguistic correctness and logical functionality.


We think of everything.

Our highly qualified and motivated team of project managers and translators fully appreciate how the perfect expression, cultural consistency, and a timely delivery can contribute to your project success.

Faster service. More personal service.

At Rheinschrift, we take the greatest care in selecting the most suitable translators and contact person for our customers. We understand that to avoid misunderstandings and to produce excellent texts, all concerns – every question and every subtlety of content and language transfer – must be clarified to everyone’s satisfaction.


We are certified to two international standards for language services: ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. ISO 17100 establishes standards for the assessment and revision of high-quality translations. The evaluation and development of the competence of project managers plays a pivotal role in this.
Similarly, information security is defined according to very precise criteria. ISO 18587 sets standards for the post-processing (post-editing) of machine translations to ensure high-quality target texts in this domain too.

Best Quality.

For quality, we translate exclusively using native speakers. The work is carried out in three steps: Translation. Editing. Proofreading. (TEP). We work in accordance with the “four-eyes” principle: every translation project is reviewed by a second native speaker.

Efficient Project Management.

Certification according to international standards for language service companies places high quality demands on our project management team. These standards demand efficient processes that interlink and are monitored at each stage of the project. This ensures a seamless process from the project’s first word, to its last. From the A of Acceptance of the project to the Z of the Zipped folder where our qualified reviewer leaves the translation ready for delivery.


We were very satisfied with your service and the translation quality. We will certainly contact you for our future translation projects!

Anna Raith (Project Coordinator) · Vocational Training Partnership, Ecuador

Be assured that I am very, very confident in you and your team. You have all always been super responsive and deliver the very best work. You can ask my team, I’m always raving about Rheinschrift …

Dina Rodrigues (Operations Director) · International Contact, Inc.

We have always been pleased with the project management support from Rheinschrift. You have been doing a fantastic job for us. Thanks for the great support!

Charles · Manager of a language service provider

The client finished reviewing the content and made no edits during their review. Great job and thanks for your help! I added a positive feedback to your record.

Juhi · Project Coordinator of a language service provider