Authentic language
is the benchmark of our work.

About Us, Locations, Team, and Current Job Opportunities

About us

Enjoying our third decade
of professional language services

As a proven team of experts from all industries, we offer our customers high-quality translations, flexible availability, and timely delivery.

We are exacting about the linguistic reproduction of standards and cultural aspects of a target country. We are not satisfied until all elements are thoroughly researched and integrated into the target text in a linguistically competent and convincing way, but also reflects your corporate language and technical terminology. For 22 years, our goal has been the same: getting it right. We know, beyond the technical and content-related aspects of the translation, the words must speak directly to your target audience and move them to action.

Our customers are as diverse as the economic landscape, including global players in the international economy, medium-sized companies, service providers, and start-ups.


Rheinschrift is on
an expansion course.

Rheinschrift is, and remains, Made in Germany. But our future is boundless. We export our language services worldwide. And now, physically and organizationally, we are growing closer to our international customers – with our new facility opened in Spain in 2016.


This is the point of contact for our German and international customers, for linguistic production/translation into German. Cologne is also the location of our central management.

Jerez de la Frontera

This is the point of contact for our Spanish customers, and for customers who require translations into Spanish. Jerez also hosts project management teams in support of the office in Cologne, and vendor management.


We are always
where you need us to be.

Yes, we provide know-how – but we also bring perspective. We look beyond the boundaries of the assignment and see the bigger picture. The experiences, the knowledge and the collaborative skills that distinguish everyone on our team make Rheinschrift such a reliable partner. Daily, and in particular in the final stages of a project, we will achieve peak performance – and peak deliverables – that will impress you.

Ursula Steigerwald
Ursula Steigerwald
Owner/General Manager
Victoria Saleh
Finance Manager
Kerstin Jelkmann
Marketing & Quality
Auxiliadora Lendínez Llamas
Senior Talent Management/Office Management Spain
Pilar Ardila Jaén
Operations Management Spain
Claudia Schueler
Process Development & Training
Juan Luis Izquierdo Morión
Data Analysis and Change Management
Natalia Corbacho Pachón
Senior Project Management
Ines Linsley
Project Management
Dhana Klein
Account Management
Larissa Wallner
Lead Linguist
Michael Heinrichs
Lead Linguist

35 In-house Translators

Our internal linguists take care of translations, implement quality control, create glossaries, compile the customer-specific reference material, evaluate test translations, advise management and project management about new projects from a linguistic point of view and determine the best course of action for your project.

15 Project Managers

Management specialists ensure a smooth project flow and act as the liaison between customers and translators. They also take personal responsibility for meeting deadlines, holding to budgets, and achieving customer satisfaction.

250+ Freelancer

Our freelance colleagues complement the team by providing additional capacity and allowing for great flexibility in terms of volume, deadlines, and areas of expertise. They provide us with competent and energetic support in translation and editing. Their collaboration is also crucial in the areas of DTP and transcription.